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Women’s Health Company to Expand

Cervical cancer if not caught early in the precancerous stage can be deadly. Approximately 250,000 women die each year around the world due to the disease, according to Scottish medical device firm DYSIS Medical. The company offers the Ultra colposcope, a noninvasive device used to screen for cervical cancer by allowing the detection and diagnosis of precancerous lesions on the cervix.
According to DYSIS, the latest version of the Ultra colposcope incorporates several advances that have met important milestones. Most notably, the device is now recommended by the UK’s National Health Service. In addition, the results of a US clinical trial found that use of the device enabled the detection of the disease in 40% more patients than when it was not used.
The success of the company has attracted more funding from long-time investor Lundbeckfonden Ventures. The venture fund ponied up an additional $25 million, which DYSIS will use for R&D activities and to expand in the U.S., U.K. and other markets.