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A Prognosis of Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical sector is a key player in the race for a more sustainable future, and pharmaceutical companies are endeavouring to reduce their carbon footprint, …

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Why We Recognise HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

May 18th is dedicated to HIV Vaccine Awareness Day. The significance of this recurrence is embedded in the years of research that have been dedicated …

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A Business Growth Tool: Patent Claiming Strategies

Developing a pharmaceutical product can take on the order of a decade from research (first inventing the drug) to development, and finally to FDA approval. …

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Under Pressure: Finding a More Sustainable Future for pMDIs

The transition away from the use of ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases has been one of the major environmental achievements of modern times. Today, hindsight affords …

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Use of High-field NMR in Covid-19 Drug Development

The Covid-19 NMR Consortium, an international collaboration of NMR experts, is conducting research to determine the ribonucleic acid (RNA) structure of SARS-CoV-2 and its proteins …

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Virtual Screening in Modern Computational Chemistry

Virtual screening is a firmly established technique in computational drug design which has saved the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars since its inception. The structure-based …

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The Pharma Drug Discovery Industry Should Look Towards Manufacturing as the Blueprint for Automation

Within the manufacturing sector – whether it’s transported, FMCGs, electronics or building materials – a modern approach to automation is already in place. Holistic, flexible …

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The Use of Predictive Analytics to Improve Quality in Clinical Trials Quality Assurance:

Independent or an Enabler – or Can it Be Both? The impact of poor quality in a clinical trial, often discovered late in the process, …

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The Transformational Potential of Prioritising Data Today

Covid has spurred regulators towards a more agile and innovation-supporting future, paving the way for new opportunities for all. If life sciences companies embrace a …

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New Technology and Automation in Labs: Data Risks and Privacy Compliance Issues

Within healthcare and life sciences, data science plays a major role in research and innovation. Improvements in computational speeds, storage capacity and connectivity across different …

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