Current Edition

With 15+ years of expertise in proteins expression in R&D and production, ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies have developed a proprietary Drosophila S2 systems (ExpreS2) optimized for secreted or secretable protein expression that we offer on fee for service basis.

If you meet problems in your protein production, such as:
* low yield or no yield
* issues with protein cleavage/degradation
* lack of batch reproducibility due to variable glycosylation
ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies can provide its expertise and ExpreS2 platform to help you to solve your problems:
* Transient & stable expression
* Medium throughput screening service
* Establishment of stable expression pools
* Production re-batching
* Selection of high-producing mini-pools and monoclonal cell lines
* Protein Purification
* Analytics
* Transfer to cGMP facilities
Assets of the ExpreS2:
* Rapid process to produce & purified protein from Bioreactors (6 weeks)
* high yield: 10x-100x the yield compared to proteins produced in baculo virus or HEK293 cells
* Homogeneous product (no cell lysis)
* Correctly folded proteins
* Growth at 25 °C, no need of CO2 incubator
* Heterodimer production
* VLP production
* High reproducibility between batches
* High expertise for transfer from lab to cGMP facilities
* Compatible to perfusion, batch and fed-batch processes
* Reduce risk of human viral contaminants
* Significant savings in manufacturing & infrastructure
* Rapid scale up for pandemic response
* Crystallography studies, ELISA tests
* Development of therapeutic & prophylactic vaccines
* Diagnostic kits, companion diagnostic kits
* Therapeutic proteins
Highlights from ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies:
* More than 250 proteins produced including: viral & parasite antigens, VLPs, plasma proteins
* Major Pharma have already adopted this technology for their vaccines development
* Projects validated by regulatory authorities and already in clinical phase II for malaria vaccines