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A first prescription drug reaches the European market with Advancia® !

La Verpillière, February 2016 “There is no limit to Nemera’s ambition to serve patients. We already market devices in over 40 countries for millions of users. We’ll keep investing in new products and in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, to help even more patients with high quality devices all over the world.” Marc Haemel, CEO Nemera in figures: – 4 plants in Europe and the USA Over: – 1,300 employees – 30,000 sq. meters of manufacturing clean rooms – 60 engineers and experts working in our Innovation Center.
This user-independent device delivers an excellent dose consistency, exceeding the most stringent regulatory requirements. Moreover, with its anti-clogging technology, the system ensures spray delivery even with formulations that tend to crystallize. As a result, patients are not required to clean the actuator after each use. The extended prime retention, up to several months, offers a unique solution for on-and-off treatments; the patients do not have to re-prime the pump to ensure full delivery of the dose after multiple weeks of non-use; this also limits drug waste (no spray loss). All these features improve patient compliance. Advancia® offers several major advantages:
Mechanical closing tip to prevent problems due to clogging
Excellent dose consistency
Long prime retention
No metal part in contact with the formulation
Compatible with FEA 20mm crimp-on neck finish bottles (plastic or glass)
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