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ACG Capsules launches campaign to promote problem-free nutraceutical production

One of the world’s largest producers of empty hard-shell capsules is on a mission to

‘Love NOTHING’ when it comes to zero-problem production

ACG, one of the world’s largest producers of empty hard-shell capsules, has launched its global nutraceutical campaign: ‘ACG loves NOTHING’. The campaign is aimed at significantly improving nutraceutical production through collaboration and industry-leading innovation. With a host of value-added services on offer, ACG has taken a pledge to strive for zero-problem pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing.


Alex Robertson, CMO at ACG, said: “The messaging at the centre of this campaign is: ‘ACG loves NOTHING’ – we are putting every effort towards zero-problem production. That’s because when ‘nothing’ happens during pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production, everything runs reliably, and our customers can get the products they make to the people who need them. We will achieve this by providing the highest quality empty capsules and all the holistic advice and expertise required for seamless operations.”


Founded 60 years ago, ACG was created on the simple principle of ‘Make it Better’. As the world’s largest integrated supplier of solid dosage pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, and with the most comprehensive ranges of vegetarian and gelatin capsules globally, ACG has the scale and range to have a far-reaching impact on nutraceutical production and human health.


Selwyn Noronha, CEO ACG Capsules, added: “The nutraceutical sector is regulated and highly competitive. Companies operating within it need a diverse range of quality capsules that help them stand out from the crowd, while also meeting demands for clean and natural products.


“Beyond exceptional products, these companies need expertise and a lifetime of targeted support to create the best nutraceuticals, ensure efficient manufacturing and guarantee regulatory compliance. With proficiency in all aspects of manufacturing from capsules to machines and protective barriers, for the last 60 years, ACG has been the only company to offer this level of support, and it continues with this focus at the heart of operations.”


So, at ACG, there really is something about NOTHING. The company is on a mission to drive towards problem-free production and collaborate with its customers to collectively deliver on its mission of creating a healthier world.

About ACG

In accordance with its commitment to making the world healthier, ACG has now been delivering exceptional solutions to the global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry for 60 years, across six continents and in 138 countries.


‘Collaboration’ is at the core of ACG’s ethos, and ACG is the world’s only integrated pharma manufacturing solutions company, with products ranging from capsules to films & foils, to engineering equipment, and inspection systems – all that meet international regulatory requirements.


For ACG, it’s always about finding innovative solutions to the world’s greatest health challenges, together.


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