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Antibiotic Research UK launches small research grants programme

York-based charity Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) has launched a new small research grants programme in a bid to fund research into antibiotics and antibiotic resistance.
The scheme – which is the charity’s largest grants programme to date – will award one grant of up to £50,000 and six grants of up to £25,000 each.
These grants should focus on antibiotic resistance, new antibiotic therapies, health and societal impact of antibiotic resistance or antibiotic stewardship.
Applications to the scheme will be reviewed by independent external assessors and members of ANTRUK’s Science or Education Committee.
The UK-based charity has adopted a scoring system developed by the Medical Research Council for use by independent referees, with the top scoring applications to be shortlisted and then prioritised by the charity’s grants panel.
“These grants will fund essential research in both basic and applied sciences to help prevent another global pandemic, this time caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria,” said Colin Garner, chief executive of ANTRUK
“Supporting UK university academics in their research into antibiotics and antibiotic resistance is a key objective for ANTRUK, and we are delighted that the 2021 grants will be the largest yet for the charity. We will offer up to seven research grants to fund projects that will help save modern medicine through better antibiotic use and stewardship,” he added.
Applicants working in higher education, not-for-profit institutes and non-governmental organisations based in the UK are eligible to apply for the grants.