Current Edition

Business development 365 days a year In an easy and efficient way the unique Multi-Level Business Matchmaking platform based on mutual needs was developed to stimulate communication and collaboration between companies in the medical world in an easy and efficient way!
For manufacturersdistributors , licensing companies and contract services in the medical, pharmaceutical and basic ingredients industry, both human and veterinarian. To be matched with each other to expand their markets and product ranges in a particular region or even worldwide. Available 365 days a year.
The matchmaking process is developed for the matching of company’s needs by using an advanced algorithm based on several criteria including geographic location, industry sector and specific product categories and sub categories (patent pending). It even generates The Perfect Match.
Matching notifications are send automatically through the company e-mail and are solely based on mutual demands.
New member applications are actively monitored through the back office staff to ensure sufficient information is provided, guaranteeing the quality of the information and ensuring that relevant results are found.
  • Introduce your company
  • Introduce your products, projects or applications
  • Show on which Tradeshows you attend
  • Automatically match with business partners based on mutual needs
  • Match with business partners in a certain region for specific business needs
  • Receive “The perfect Match” notification
  • Visit your ‘My Matches’ page to see which companies matched including the matching specifications
  • Visit your ‘My Alerts’ page to see which companies “found” your company incl. the alert specifications
  • See on which tradeshows your matches attends on
  • Directly follow up with the potential business partners through the ‘My Matches’ or ‘My Alerts’ pages
  • Search through the system for a reliable contact
If a member chooses to contact a potential business partner this happens outside of the site through the regular e-mail, phone or other means which guarantees that communications are private and between members only.