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Action Duchenne – Skip Duchenne Campaign

Nick Catlin at Charity Action Duchenne provides an overview of the research into a cure and effective medicines for Duchenne/Becker Muscular Dystrophy.

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Bag-on-Valve – Optimal Solution for Pharma Products

Magnus Hedman at Aurena discusses why it has turned out that the Bag-on-Valve (BoV) may in several cases be a suitable technology for products to make the switch, as marketers are looking for modern, innovative packaging that can attract consumers.

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Planning and Performing Clinical Trials in Children and Adolescents

Jaypreet Dhillon, Editorial Manager of Pharma Publications, Interviews Dr. Hermann Schulz, Chief Executive Officer INTERLAB Central Lab Services – Worldwide GmbH, Munich, Germany, on why paediatric trials are coming into focus now.

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Labelling and its Role in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Labelling and its Role in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Steve Moore at Fix-a-Form International Ltd explains why pharmaceutical labelling goes far beyond functional requirements and fulfilling legal obligations.

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Straightforward or Challenging? Why It Matters Where You Place DM&PK Studies

Jim Vrbanac at MPI Research discusses the science of drugs, pharmacology, and how this is divided into two distinct, separate but interactive domains: dynamics and kinetics.

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Clinically-relevant in vitro and in vivo Oncology Models for Drug Discovery

Rajendra Kumari and Martin Page at PRECOS look at why, in the attempt to reduce drug attrition and improve clinical predictivity, patient-derived xenograft tumours are being used to improve and refine preclinical modelling.

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Health – Made in Germany

Marion Luekemann at Germany Trade & Invest discusses how the worldwide market for healthcare holds great potential for further international co-operation, including with Germany’s healthcare industry.

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A Fluid Process

A Fluid Process

Sherea Lizaso at Gems Sensors & Controls discusses the benefits of working alongside an expert provider of fluidic technology from the early design stages.

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Centralised ECGs Help Ensure Cardiac Safety of Obesity Drugs

Robert Kleiman at ERT discusses how centralised ECG trials have emerged as a viable method for helping drug companies provide reliable cardiovascular data in their attempts to achieve regulatory compliance, while also benefiting from significantly improved data accuracy and reliability, time and cost savings, and access to breakthrough technologies.

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Allergy and Biopharmaceutical Therapy, Part 1: Background and Current Treatment Regimens

Juan Gispert at Quintiles provides the first paper in a two part series, describing the pathological role of immunoglobulin E (IgE) in allergic reactions.

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