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CHA Biotech receives patent for stem cell culture medium

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CHA Biotech and CHA BIO F&C each own 50 percent of the patent.

South Korea based CHA Biotech has acquired a patent for a stem cell culture medium related to preventing skin aging and regenerating it.
The patent acquisition relates to the use of the technique of making culture medium by differentiating umbilical cord or placenta-derived stem cells into dermal tissue cells.
Compared with existing stem cell cultures, the cultures made by applying the patented technology contains a relatively high proportion of substances such as cytokines, growth factors, and protein components that show excellent effects on skin regeneration and anti-aging.
CHA Biotech and CHA BIO F&C each own 50 percent of the patent, while the latter company plans to showcase a cosmetic product in the coming months, which incorporates the patented technology.
The company also anticipates that it will be able to develop a therapeutic material according to the progress of research.