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ChargePoint Technology

ChargePoint Technology is the trusted sterile and contained transfer specialist. We connect your process, enabling safe and reliable powder transfers. 

The first ChargePoint valve was developed in 1997 with Glaxo Pharmaceuticals (now GlaxoSmithKline) and the core features of this valve remain across ChargePoint products today. ChargePoint Technology Ltd was formed over a decade ago following the development of this original valve, and our patented technology has become a pharmaceutical industry standard for high containment powder transfers.  

Today, we offer a range of high containment and sterile powder transfer solutions along with extraction and decontamination equipment and cleaning, washing and handling accessories. 

Our solutions are manufactured using FDA compliant materials with full material certification and batch traceability and are manufactured in facilities that conform to ATEX (European Hazardous Area Directive) HazLoc (North America Hazardous Area Directive) and PED (European Pressure Equipment Directive). 

Our products provide containment performance and sterility assurance combined with single use solutions to handle the increasingly potent ingredients used in several sectors including: 

  • Pharmaceutical powder manufacturing 
  • Chemical industry powder manufacturing 
  • Biopharmaceutical products 

Containment solutions 

ChargePoint’s containment solutions provide a reduced risk of cross contamination via closed transfers, ensure the safety of your personnel and provide a dust free environment when processing toxic powders and high potent APIs. 

The containment performance of ChargePoint’s PharmaSafe® split butterfly valves has been independently validated by customers and third-parties according to the ISPE SMEPAC (Standardised Measurement of Equipment Particulate Airborne Contamination) guidelines.  

The validated performance value levels of the containment provided by the PharmaSafe® valve range is up to OEB5/<0.1ug/m3.  

ChargePoint’s containment solutions provide a reduced risk of cross contamination via closed transfers, ensure the safety of your personnel and provide a dust free environment when processing toxic powders and high potent APIs.   

Our PharmaSafe® containment solutions can also maximise the yield of poorly flowing, high value products whilst removing the requirement for high air class control areas and cumbersome PPE. 

Single Use solutions  

ChargePoint’s single use solutions provide the containment and sterility assurance required for handling high potent ingredients and chemicals with the cost effectiveness of disposable technology. 

  • ChargeBag PE-S with HiPure™ ULP7 

The single use ChargeBag is a cost effective and convenient container for the handling, storage and transfer of bio-pharmaceutical powders, made with HiPure™ ULP7, a new pharma ready LLDPE film developed by ChargePoint Technology, to meet the demands of even the most critical aseptic processing environments. 

  • A single use transfer device that doesn’t come at the cost of containment. 

The ChargePoint® SUP (Single Use Passive) is a contained powder transfer interface for pharmaceutical manufacturers that need to transfer powder ingredients economically, without compromising on performance unlike many disposable options. As the Passive mating half of the ChargePoint Split Butterfly Valve system it delivers outstanding containment and sterility assurance performance whilst eliminating the cost and risks associated with cleaning, maintenance and subsequent validation. 

  • One solution for two sites – Multi-Site Powder Handling Kits 

Today, more Pharmaceutical companies than ever are utilising multiple manufacturing locations. Consequently, more drug products are being moved between facilities. Assuring the integrity of these expensive, sensitive powders whilst in transit is a challenge that is currently met with common packaging solutions that while meet the needs for transportation, often give facilities a headache when it comes to filling, sealing, handling and emptying. One method that works well for facility A, may not work so well for facility B or vice versa. 

With our single use solutions your method of contained powder transfer within facility A (drug supply), can also be used as your product primary packaging and container closure for transportation to facility B (drug product formulation). And furthermore, this package can be used as a common method of transfer into your process line in facility B with the ChargePoint® SUP containment interface combined with ChargeBag. 

Sterility assurance solutions 

ChargePoint’s product range for sterility assurance has been developed to perform aseptic transfers that maintain critical area integrity, reduce risk of contamination via closed transfers and meet GMP and product quality requirements. 

Our AseptiSafe® product range for sterility assurance has been purposely developed to perform aseptic transfers that:  

  • Protect process operators   
  • Maintain critical area integrity  
  • Reduce risk of contamination via closed transfers providing containment performance of up to <1 ?g/m3 (OEB4)  
  • Meet GMP and product quality requirements.   
  • Perform enhanced sterility assurance through H202 Bio decontamination providing a validated 6 log reduction.  

The range removes the requirement for large, high-grade control areas by maintaining the critical area with the split butterfly valve and the single use bag system eliminates cleaning and sterilization associated with rigid containers.  

All products suitable for aseptic manufacturing are independently validated by third parties according to ISPE containment performance measurement (SMEPAC) guidelines providing unrivalled, validated levels of containment performance alongside sterility assurance. 

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