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Colorcon, Inc. Makes Tablets Easier to Swallow with Innovative Coating System

Dysphagia is a common ailment often experienced by the geriatric population. Opadry® EZ, Easy Swallow Film Coating System, a new innovative product from Colorcon Inc, directly addresses the difficulty faced by many patients in swallowing oral solid dosage forms. In an environment where the senior population is on the rise and more people are taking multiple medications and dietary supplements (some of which are large tablets and capsules), swallowability is a growing concern. Regulatory Agencies around the world provide guidance regarding the importance of tablet coating to not only address differentiation, but to ease the swallowing of tablets and capsules to improve patient safety and compliance. Dr. Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi, Vice President/Chief Scientific Officer at Colorcon Inc. says, “Compared with other coating formulations, the superior slip provided by this coating, once wet, significantly reduces the probability of sticking in the throat or esophagus during the swallowing process. Through extensive research and development, Colorcon has created a unique coating system to address a recognized and growing patient problem.” Choosing the Path of Least Resistance Kelly Boyer, General Manager, Film Coatings at Colorcon Inc. adds; “Colorcon set out to create a coating product that satisfied both the perception and reality of easier swallowing, with a high gloss finish that adds aesthetic appeal and increased mobility for the tablet. Opadry EZ is a fully formulated system, simple to prepare and use; finished tablets are easy to handle when dry, while exhibiting exceptional slip upon contact with water. Above all, this coating addresses the growing need to improve patient acceptability and compliance, by making tablets easier to swallow.” Page 2 of 2 This latest innovation once again demonstrates Colorcon’s leadership in responding to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry to improve the patient experience and therefore compliance, while bringing to market film coating systems that deliver efficiency, cost savings and dependable performance.