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Evaxion validates its infectious disease AI vaccine platform

The platform identifies antigens to fight against bacterial infectious diseases.

Evaxion Biotech has announced the validation of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered vaccine discovery platform, Eden, marking a groundbreaking milestone in vaccine discovery.

Evaxion is the first organisation to validate an AI model that outcompetes state-of-the-art vaccine development to combat antibiotic resistance.

Infectious diseases are disorders that are caused by organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. The flu, measles, HIV, strep throat and COVID-19 are all examples of infectious diseases.

In 2019, over 13 million people worldwide died from infectious diseases.

The Eden platform rapidly identifies antigens that trigger a robust and highly protective immune response against bacterial infectious diseases.

“Through proteome-wide AI predictions, this tool not only identifies protective proteins but also predicts the protection level each offers,” said founder and chief AI officer, Andreas Holm Mattsson.

Using AI, the technology will identify vaccine candidates faster and more cost-effectively than other current state-of-the-art methods and predict vaccine efficacy in infectious disease models.

The antigens predicted by Eden to offer the highest level of protection have been found to perform best in preclinical infection models, showing significant potential as vaccine components.

Evaxion’s chief executive officer, Christian Kanstrup, commented: “This acceleration in vaccine development not only reduces costs but also minimises risks, particularly impacting areas with high unmet medical needs lacking existing vaccines.”

Most recently, Evaxion presented promising results of its AI-designed vaccine against Staphylococcus aureus, a gram-positive bacterium that causes a variety of clinical diseases, EVX-B1.

EVX-B1 showed it was highly effective against Staphylococcus aureus disease in preclinical animal models and also resulted in complete clearance of the disease in multiple organs.

Evaxion recently shared data at the Vaccines Europe conference in Berlin on September 14 to 15, showcasing Eden’s capabilities through multiple bacterial pathogens and preclinical infection models.