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FluoGuide announces head and neck cancer therapy results

The treatment is administered intravenously prior to surgery, lighting up the cancer during surgery.

FluoGuide – a company that concentrates on precision cancer surgery – has announced positive results from its phase 2a clinical trial of its FG001 candidate.

The treatment for use among patients with head and neck cancer demonstrated the ability to illuminate tumours in all of the participating individuals. Data showed that all 12 patients within the first two cohorts – who were undergoing surgery for head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC) – had their tumours identified with FG001.

The data was also in line with the efficacy data in brain and lung cancers, thereby highlighting FG001’s potential for wider incorporation.

The treatment itself is a fluorophore targeting uPAR – a cancer-specific target expressed extensively in most solid cancers. The fluorophore has the same spectral specifications as the already-approved indocyanine green, meaning that FluoGuide’s candidate could be used on current imaging equipment.

FG001 is administered intravenously prior to surgery, lighting up cancer during surgery. This assists the surgeon in removing all cancer while, critically, sparing healthy tissue.

Morten Albrechtsen, CEO at FluoGuide, reflected: “We are building up a broad data set showing FG001 is effective across a range of cancers and this – combined with its compatibility with different types of imaging equipment – means it has the potential to significantly improve the outcome of surgery for these patients, with tumours removed more precisely while leaving healthy tissue undamaged.”

A third cohort of four patients has been initiated on a low dose of FG001 in order to investigate a broader dose range. Further results from FluoGuide’s ongoing research are also expected later this year.