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Mundipharma’s novel device, k-haler®, recognised for innovative packaging by iF DESIGN AWARDS

iF DESIGN AWARDS, one of the most important design awards in the world, have named the Mundipharma International Limited, which is part of the Mundipharma network of independent associated companies, amongst their winners. The k-haler® device triumphed in the Packaging Design discipline of the Medicine / Pharmaceutics category and was recognised for its innovative patient information packaging and online training tools by the 63-panel jury. This year, the design awards attracted more than 6,400 entries from 54 countries.
The k-haler device and packaging were designed with the whole patient and clinician experience in mind, aimed at helping to address some of the day-to-day challenges faced by patients using an inhaler and improve correct device usage. Collaborating with patients and healthcare professionals, the innovative packaging was developed to encourage users to pause as information about how to use the k-haler device is revealed in a specific and controlled order. The ‘book-like’ carton with patient information clearly differentiates the inhaler set-up guide from the daily use instructions and will signpost patients to online training tools (which include a compelling gamified training sequence).
“We’re delighted that the k-haler device has been recognised for its innovative packaging, which is testament to the research and development that went into its design. The aim is to provide patients with step-by-step instructions for initial set-up and daily use, in addition to online training tools,” comments Jonathan Marshall, Senior Commercial Lead. “These simple and effective patient education materials are designed with the aim to help patients use their device correctly, and potentially improve their long-term outcomes.”
The k-haler device is a novel aerosol device with a simple breath-triggered mechanism, activated with a low inspiratory force, which is designed with the aim to make it easier for patients to use correctly. The k-haler device was developed in conjunction with London agency, Precipice Design.
Research indicates that errors in inhaler technique are frequent (made by over 30% of patients in some cases) and are associated with poor outcomes.Evidence suggests that inhaler type and patient preference are important factors influencing treatment outcomes in patients.Furthermore, ongoing training may also influence the efficiency of drug delivery, patient adherence and long-term control.Research has also demonstrated that simple techniques, such as attaching instruction labels to patients’ inhalers, have been shown to improve retention of good inhaler technique.
k-haler received a positive outcome from the European Decentralised Procedure (DCP) in October 2017, and is planned to launch in Europe this year. The k-haler device’s patented technology has the potential to be suitable for a range of inhaled products.