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Natoli to Help Set a Global Standard of Efficiency Called The Natoli Advantage

St. Charles, MO (October 13, 2020)—Natoli Engineering provides a program to help set a global standard of efficiency called The Natoli Advantage. The Natoli Advantagesaves costs using standardized process fortraining and the management of tablet compression and encapsulation tooling.

Through a value-added relationship, Natoli’s team of industry experts will work with organizations to provide customized solutions to meet production demands and achieve optimal efficiency. Natoli has regional service centers and representatives across the globe to provide support, training, and troubleshooting. By developing a single-source agreement with Natoli, a site will be selected whereby standardized procedures will be created that will be applicable throughout the entire organization.

Natoli provides customized training standard for all manufacturing locations. Consistent, in-depth technical training ensures every member of the team is confident in their role and can meet expectations. Visual work instructions created based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to build better understanding of procedures and train new staff, as well as, visual job aides to increase awareness and aid in troubleshooting.

Equipment services also provide a Preventative Maintenance Assessment to ensure that equipment and facility capabilities meet the demands of production and process requirements. Calibration and verification services are available to ensure optimal performance, improve product quality, and reduce downtime. Services also include refurbishing and/or retrofitting of state-of-the-art tablet presses or encapsulation machines. An upgrade in Operating Control Systems with Natoli’s AIM Software is also included.

Natoli provides uniform SOPs from site-to-site to promote and ensure process control because concise, well-defined SOPs can hold great opportunity for successful performance optimization and compliance. Natoli has defined and established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate growth and success.

Inventory Management is an important part of The Natoli Advantage. Natoli utilizes TMII software and an LVS inspection system to manage inventory, increase production, and minimize downtime. The software can establish historical data for accessing tool life, product quality, determine future expenditures, and create blanket POs for frequently ordered tooling.

Natoli has a free web-based tablet design program called TabletCAD that allows organizations to design tablets to their specifications quickly and easily. Metallurgy Services are provided to aide in steel selection, treatments, wear testing and analysis for failed parts related to all manufacturing processes to improve the longevity of tooling. Analysis may include recommendations for engineering services to enhance design of parts. Maintenance Procedures will help optimize tablet or capsule output, reduce RSD percentages, and extend the life of tooling and parts through proper maintenance procedures.

Global Standardization with The Natoli Advantage can increase efficiency and production uptime. It can help to reduce Tablet/Capsule and tooling deficiencies and extend tool life while having tooling and parts available on demand. Through the standardization of all sites, management can save costs and work more effectively across all regions to establish best practices for efficient GMP compliant production of oral solid dose products.

About Natoli Engineering Company —The undisputed global leader in tablet compression tooling manufacturing, Natoli Engineering Company has served the pharmaceutical, nutritional, confectionery, and veterinary industries for more than 45 years. In addition to encapsulation products, Natoli also offers tablet presses, tablet press replacement parts, tooling and press refurbishing services, analytical inspection equipment, technical training courses, and the most comprehensive tablet compression accessories catalog in the industry. Natoli AIM™ R&D and Operating Control Systems Software facilitates and speeds tablet and capsule research and development and provides powerful data and reporting capabilities through production. For more information visit our website at