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Nemera’s preservative-free multi-dose eyedropper approved in Brazil for Aché’s NSAID’s and Dry Eye formulations

Nemera is excited to announce that its multidose eye dropper Novelia® has been approved by ANVISA for the preservative-free formulations CLILON [1] (Ketorolac 0,4% and 0,5%), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is used to treat moderately severe pain and inflammation, usually after surgery.
Established for over 54 years, São Paulo based Aché is one of the largest domestic pharmaceutical company in Brazil. [2] The Ketorolac products will be the first of their kind commercialized in a preservative-free multi-dose format in the Brazilian market. These products will be available under prescription only.
Aché are also launching, in parallel, LAXIME [3] (Sodium Hyaluronate 0,15%) over the counter (OTC) solution for patients with Dry Eye Syndrome using Novelia®.

The Brazilian market presented a 4% growth ($ PMB IQVIA) in 2020 [4] with Dry Eye Disease experiencing double-digit growth making it the no. 1 category in Brazil within the Ophthalmology Market [5]
“The entry of Aché in this segment represents an important reinforcement to the company’s large portfolio. With the mission of enhancing people’s health and longevity, we understand that we also needed to work with ophthalmology to bring the quality and technology of Aché’s products to this medical class. Our goal is not only to offer other options for the medical indication, but also to bring innovation to the Brazilian market in the coming years, and this partnership with Nemera will add great value to our products,” Marcelo Neri, Executive Director of Aché.
“It’s fantastic to see Aché bringing these products to the Brazilian market for the first time and expanding Novelia®’s global reach to improve patients’ lives in Latin America. With a growing number of patients suffering from chronic eye conditions, effective drug delivery and patient adherence are increasingly important. Combining the huge advantages of preservative-free formulations to avoid patient irritations with the ease of a multi-dose container system is a win-win and we are very proud to be partnering with Aché in this launch,” Denise Johnston, Vice President Global Sales at Nemera.
Novelia® is a multidose closing tip dispensing system which avoids the need for preservatives in the drug and prevents bacterial contamination over the duration of treatment. A non-return valve system ensures that no contaminated liquid can be re-introduced into the container after the drop has been dispensed. The patented PureFlow® technology (a separate venting system with a silicone membrane) guarantees the intake of air, which is free of contamination into the dispenser, after drop delivery.
With well over 200 market references worldwide, Novelia® is the patient’s prefered choice when it comes to preservative-free multi-dose eyedroppers [6] thanks to its patented blue tip to help in targeting the eye, precise and consistent drop size and patient friendly ergonomics including inititive screw-on cap and optimum squeeze force.

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Aché is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Brasil and has been in this market for over 54 years. It is a 100% national company that supplies society with differentiated products and services establishing bounds of trust and respect with its employees, customers, consumers, and business partners. With its extensive and balanced portfolio that is constantly being renewed, Aché establishes a relationship of trust with doctors that drives fulfillment of the company´s purpose of offering better living to people wherever they are. It is currently present in foreign market, developing products for 28 countries.
Aché has a presence in São Paulo (SP), Guarulhos (SP), Anápolis (GO), Londrina (PR) and Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE), totalizing five industrial plants. Besides that, the Company has 25% of Bionovis, a joint venture with other three brazilian pharmaceutical companies.
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