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Netherlands Cancer Institute grants exclusive license to Desktop Genetics for TIDE

Desktop Genetics Ltd (DTG), a biotech company globally recognised for its leadership in gene-editing bioinformatics, acquired exclusive worldwide licensing rights for TIDE (Tracking of Indels by DEcomposition), from the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). The TIDE technology will allow investigators to quantitatively assess genome editing on the DESKGEN Cloud, the free CRISPR design software from DTG.
TIDE is a web tool that rapidly calculates the efficiency of CRISPR using Sanger DNA sequencing data. The proprietary decomposition algorithm, also determines the frequency of different repair products in the cell population. TIDE was developed by the van Steensel lab and published in Nucleic Acids Research (Brinkman et al., 2014). The tool is the first of its kind for detecting genome editing-mediated indels and has been cited in over 150 publications.
TIDE will be added to the DESKGEN Cloud platform, which offers a CRISPR Knockin and CRISPR Knockout design tool, Genome Editor and Guide Picker. With this expansion, DTG becomes the first company to offer a full end-to-end CRISPR software solution from design to analysis, streamlining the planning and execution of experiments by allowing all relevant data to be stored in one place.
Professor Bas van Steensel, PhD Professor and Group Leader at NKI, commented: “This collaboration is a great opportunity for both parties as it allows TIDE to be managed and to grow in an environment of synergistic design tools, developed by an outstanding team. With this collaboration, TIDE could reach more scientists around the world, gain new functionality and continue to support ground-breaking CRISPR-enabled research.”
Victor Dillard, COO at DTG said: “We are proud to integrate TIDE into the DESKGEN platform. This is a natural addition for our users and we look forward to expanding the capabilities of TIDE alongside our own DESKGEN artificial intelligence capabilities.”
Riley Doyle, CEO at DTG said: “The free tools we offer allow scientists to efficiently store and manage their experiments, which could save them hours. We look to continue providing a one-stop platform for accurate and reproducible CRISPR investigation design for academic and private institutions, alike.”
The partnership will enable customers of NKI and Desktop Genetics to access the TIDE tool regardless of where they originally signed up. The original URL ( will be available and will redirect users to access TIDE at New users will be shown three possible user experiences: Standard, Pro, and Premium. Pro is the new addition dedicated to DESKGEN Cloud users offering a personalised TIDE workspace to securely store experiments.