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Noble and Aptar Pharma launch connected medical device solution

Benefits of AdhereIT include improved drug management, enriched patient experiences and enhanced patient outcomes.

Noble and Aptar Pharma have launched AdhereIT — a connected, intuitive and user-friendly onboarding solution for the growing number of patients with chronic conditions who use autoinjectors to administer their medications at home.

The device is the first fully interchangeable, connected add-on solution that can work across a multitude of autoinjector platforms.

AdhereIT is part of the digital ecosystem that enables patients to gain control and confidence over their at-home drug delivery while easing the anxiety associated with self-injecting.

The device integrates with the existing software applications developed by the Digital Healthcare team at Aptar Pharma by pairing a patient’s autoinjector via Bluetooth technology to their mobile phone.

The device — available in two design options to accommodate dexterity for a one-handed or two-handed injection process — precisely detects an injection event and provides real-time visual, audio and haptic feedback about whether the injection was performed correctly.

The AdhereIT onboarding platform also allows HCPs to monitor their patients’ therapeutic performance via a smart analytical dashboard, providing valuable patient-specific adherence behavior information.

Noble developed AdhereIT in partnership with Aptar Pharma, who has made significant investments in digital healthcare over the past 3 years to actively develop a portfolio of disease management platforms and connected device solutions across dermal, pulmonary, nasal, ophthalmic and injectable routes of administration.

“Connected medical devices represent the future of healthcare for patients, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers and healthcare professionals, playing a vital role in the remote tracking and treatment of chronic illnesses, and delivering a range of benefits,” said Tim McLeroy, Noble’s Executive Director of Marketing & Patient Services.

He added: “The connectivity of digital technology solutions like AdhereIT also create market differentiation and enable value-based contracting for biopharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers to survive in a competitive and challenging marketplace.”