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Novel tamper evident sealing

SECURIKETT®, a global leader in tamper evident sealing and labels for pharmaceutical boxes, is on the cutting edge of security measures that enable retailers and customers to distinguish authentic products from counterfeit or illegally trafficked items. Counterfeiting is a widespread problem, harmful not only to the legitimate producers and the deceived users but, for example in case of medicines, presenting an imminent danger to life and health.
SECURIKETT® has launched a new series of special VOID labels e.g. to fulfill the Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU. Upon peeling and removal of the VOID labels, a previously not visible pattern or symbol appears which can be fully customized. Due to ink splitting, different shades appear both on the peeled off part and on the residuals left behind. They remain visible also if the label is placed back. The effect can easily be recognized by uneducated users.
For the Pharmapack Europe fair SECURIKETT® is offering a range of three basic sealing labels from low to medium budget:

 Tamper evident fiber tear labels
Particularly strong adhesive leads to fiber tear on a wide range of carton boards, particularly when not varnished. Optionally available with break cuts to destroy the label when tampered with.
 Translucent VOID labels
Transparent shades leave any printed text or code underneath readable. Available with or without luminescence in blue or yellow, for automated label detection.
 VOID labels with easy open tab
Flap may be found and peeled easily, due to adhesive free zone. They are the right choice when user friendliness and tamper evidence of a carton box shall be balanced.

Beyond that SECURIKETT® has created highly technical VOID labels such as three-color-VOIDs, soaking detection VOIDs and dry peel VOIDs to tackle market threats even for high risk profiles.
Meet the SECURIKETT®-Team at the Pharmapack in Paris, Hall 4, booth F64, where they shall be glad to tell you more about our latest developments during a personal demonstration.