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NuCana CEO Hugh Griffith Honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award from Life Sciences Scotland

NuCana also awarded Investment of the Year at awards gala in Glasgow

NuCana plc (NASDAQ:NCNA) announced today it has been honored with two prestigious awards from Life Sciences Scotland during its annual Life Sciences Awards gala event held in Glasgow on May 16, 2018. Hugh S. Griffith, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, was presented with the Outstanding Contribution award. Additionally, NuCana was awarded Investment of the Year.
NuCana is a rapidly growing clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company applying an innovative new technology to significantly improve treatment for cancer patients. The awards have been given in recognition of the major contributions NuCana is making to the Life Sciences sector in Scotland and the advancements the company is introducing in the treatment of cancer.
Mr. Griffith was personally recognized as an exceptional life sciences industry leader with the Outstanding Contribution award. He commented: “To receive the Outstanding Contribution award for work that I am so passionate about is a privilege. I relish the opportunity to do such meaningful work and develop new and effective treatments for cancer patients. I am fortunate to have such a dedicated team and I look forward to continuing to lead them at NuCana.”
Commenting on the Investment of the Year award to NuCana, he said, “We are honored to be recognized by Life Sciences Scotland for our achievements of the last year. At NuCana our objective is to develop much more effective and safer anti-cancer medicines and ultimately improve patients’ survival outcomes. Our 2017 activities, including our $114 million IPO on Nasdaq, have been major factors in helping us achieve our goal.”
The company’s ProTide technology has the potential to transform cancer treatment by offering more effective and safer medicines. NuCana’s new treatments are designed to penetrate cancer cells more effectively, overcome key resistance mechanisms, and produce higher concentrations of the active anti-cancer agents. NuCana is conducting large-scale clinical studies with its ProTides in a wide range of different solid tumors, including cancer of the ovary, pancreas, biliary tract and colon.
The Life Sciences Awards from Life Sciences Scotland recognize the vital life sciences industry thriving in Scotland by celebrating and recognizing individuals and organizations who have, in the last year, made significant contributions to the industry. The Life Sciences Scotland Industry Leadership Group is a joint industry enterprise of agencies and government strategy teams created to develop, drive and deliver the Life Sciences Strategy in Scotland.