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Outcome Health ramps efforts to help pharma with COVID-19 point-of-care messaging

Patients living with chronic conditions are still going to the doctor’s office despite COVID-19, because most really don’t have a choice. So Outcome Health is using its point-of-care digital communications network to put information and educational messages in waiting and treatment rooms around the country.

It’s also working with pharma to create targeted messages, public service appreciation announcements for healthcare workers and other communications at point of care.

“If you need dialysis, you need dialysis—patients are still going to the doctor. We have to see how this evolves, but we all know patients need care, especially people with chronic ailments. So we’re figuring out jointly with pharma and agencies to see how we can support them with content at point of care,” said Nandini Ramani, chief operating officer at Outcome Health.

Outcome is working with pharma companies and their agencies to create those kinds of custom messages, but meanwhile, it’s begun general COVID-19-related communications on its own. It’s already running two videos about COVID-19 prevention and hand-washing on its network, and it’s also put Center for Disease Control and Prevention posters and World Health Organization materials on its wallboards.

As the effort rolls out, Outcome is also talking to pharma companies and working on custom-created content that goes beyond facts and tactical measures, Ramani said. Future communications will be empathetic and aim to provide emotional support for patients, such as how to manage stress during the outbreak. Outcome is also creating appreciation messages for healthcare workers and inviting pharma to do the same.

Outcome offices closed March 9, with all employees now working remotely, Ramani said. Employees are using digital tools and software, pretested for this kind of remote use, so workers can continue to serve clients and run the network.