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Pharmapack 2018: teamtechnik proves process expertise for innovative medical products

At the Pharmapack trade fair in Paris on February 7 and 8, 2018, teamtechnik Group, an international market leader in assembly and test systems, will demonstrate its process expertise in the manufacture of medical devices. Among the techniques the company will display, is a new, energy-efficient LED-based process for perfectly curing certified glues for glass syringes.

An example of teamtechnik’s process expertise: LED curing on glass Photo: teamtechnik

Curing FDA-certified glues using UV light works well, but has certain side-effects. The process is highly energy-intensive, and environmentally harmful ozone must be extracted at high cost.

Now teamtechnik has developed an energy-efficient solution suitable for series production, using LED technology, for gluing the cannulae in glass syringes. ‘This LED technology offers huge benefits for our customers. The process is almost maintenance-free, saves space and is very efficient while delivering high production performance’, says Peter Rittner, Executive Vice President of the Medtech division at teamtechnik.

teamtechnik offers manufacturers of medical products extensive engineering experience and expertise in the process technology field. This includes filling and dosage techniques, robot and vision systems, cannula handling, functional testing, welding, gluing and fitting processes. Laser applications offering versatile marking for product variants or for welding components are a part of this, as are vision systems for orienting very small components such as cannula tips with up to 31G, microdosing of monomers or biomarkers, and leak tests with the highest measurement precision, e.g. within the 0.0004 mbar l/s range, with helium as the test gas.

‘We are constantly extending our process expertise for the reliable series production of medical products’, says Peter Rittner. These processes are performed on the compact, clean room class 7-compliant Teamed production system platform, which teamtechnik developed for the assembly and functional testing of medical devices, and which the company has been using successfully for years. teamtechnik Group, based in Freiberg, Germany, creates assembly and test lines for medical devices and offers a worldwide service through its subsidiary network.

A brief portrait: teamtechnik Group
teamtechnik Group is one of the international market leaders for production technology, assembly and functional test systems. The company, based in Freiberg, Germany, specializes in the development and construction of customer-specific automation solutions for the medical, automotive and solar sectors and is regarded as a technology leader with high process expertise. teamtechnik was founded in 1976 and today has production sites in Germany, Poland, China, and the USA. With over 950 employees worldwide, the systems manufacturer achieves a turnover of €170 million.