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Pharmapack Europe 2021 Award Winners Announced

Pharmapack Europe recognizes excellence and innovation in connected devices, wearables, packaging, sustainability, eco-design, patient-centric design, and animal health

Exhibitor Innovation Awards

Routes of Administration – EVEON – Intuity® Spray


Connected Devices & Wearables – Nemera – Symbioze


Primary Packaging – ARaymondlife – OR2Pack

            Highly Commended – Heinlein – Flipdropper


Excellence in Packaging Sustainability – Hoffman Neopac – Polyfoil® Mono-Material Barrier Tube


Health Product Awards


Eco-Design UCB Pharma – CIMZIA 2x200mg Syringe Maintenance Kit


Patient-Centric Design – Abbott Healthcare Ltd – AcuDose®


Animal Health – Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica – Aservo® EquiHaler®


Paris, 13th-14th October 2021: Pharmapack Europe (#PharmapackEU) announce the winners of the 2021 Pharmapack Awards and, due to the exceptional quality of this year’s entries, seven winners have been chosen across both the ‘Exhibitor Innovation’ and ‘Health Product’ awards.


The Exhibitor Innovation awards recognise four winners plus one highly commended product. EVEON was given the ‘routes of administration’ innovation award for their Intuity®  Spray. Nemera received an award for the ‘connected devices and wearables’ category. The ‘primary packaging’ innovation award was given to ARaymondlife, with Heinlein receiving a commendation. Finally, Hoffman Neopac was the recipient of the ‘Excellence in Packaging Sustainability’ award.


In the Health Product awards, innovation was recognized across three categories for the first time. UCB Pharma won the Eco-Design award in partnership with CIMZIA and Abbott Healthcare Ltd received the ‘Patient-centric Design’ award for their AcuDose® product. In addition, so impressed were the judges with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica’s Aservo® EquiHaler® that they decided to create a special Animal Health category.


“Innovation and exploring new ways to overcome challenges has been integral to everything the industry has achieved in the last two years. Pharma packaging and drug delivery devices are no exception to this and the quality of our entries and the new products coming to market will help improve sustainability, patient compliance and the efficacious delivery of medicines to patients. So I congratulate all the winners for advances they have made,” commented, Tara Dougal, Head of Content and Insights for Pharmapack Europe.


EVEON, the winner in the exhibitor innovations, was awarded for their Intuity® Spray, which offers an accurate airless mist delivery with small particles to enhance surface covering. Along with its electromechanical features, it allows for full and precise control of dose. Nemera received an exhibitor innovation award in ‘connected devices & wearables’ for their Symbioze on-body injector. This sustainable alternative to self-injecting medication uses both reusable and disposable parts that are suitable for various drug platforms and cartridges.



Within the packaging awards, the OR2Pack by ARaymondLife received the ‘primary packaging’ prize with their innovative sterility packaging suitable for surgery. The judges also delivered a highly commended entry to the Heinlein’s Flipdropper – a novel container with an integrated drip function for easy dosing.


For ‘Excellence in Packaging Sustainability’, Hoffman Neopac was awarded for their Polyfoil Mono-Material Barrier Tube. This tube is fully recyclable and gives protection to a wide range of pharma formulas.


In the Health Product awardsthe CIMZIA 2x200mg Syringe Maintenance Kit for UCB Pharma was awarded the ‘Eco-Design’ award. The kit incorporates innovative packaging to focus on sustainability while also addressing the unique needs of those living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.


The AcuDose® by Abbott Healthcare Ltd was awarded for the ‘patient-centric’ design category. This innovative measuring cap conveniently doses an accurate amount for the patient. The convenient packaging also reduces exposure to the environment and is travel friendly.


In the newly created ‘animal health’ category, Boehringer Ingleheim Vetmedica was awarded for their Aservo® EquiHaler®. It allows ease in the treatment of severe equine asthma. It also represents the first worldwide registered drug delivery device product for the treatment of horses by inhalation. With its integrated Soft Mist Technology, the medication can go deep into the lungs.


Prof Phillipe Arnaud, who is the Chair of the Health Product Awards Jury, commented, “After much discussion, we decided to attribute a special prize for Animal Health to the Aservo® EquiHaler® from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica; the Jury were impressed by the innovative nature of the device, and it’s sustainable development approach. Compliance in animal health is a challenge, particularly with large animals and for asthmatic treatments. We look forward to seeing user feedback and case studies for this product.”