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RMI’s COVID-19 vaccine partnership with Acacium proves a success

The joint aim of the companies was to provide vaccines to vulnerable communities.

Remote Medical International (RMI) – which specialises in protecting the health of workers in diverse areas across the world – partnered with healthcare solutions company Acacium Group to provide vaccinations in areas of notable need during 2021-22.

Their joint aim was to deliver mobile vaccination and COVID-19 test processing units throughout the Midlands and South East of the UK during the pandemic.

The companies delivered mobile testing with a results turnaround time of fewer than three hours and, throughout the course of their deployment, processed in the excess of 200,000 tests. In addition, the project involved administering 3000 vaccinations, with 40% of these targeting individuals and groups most in need, such as the homeless, the immunocompromised, housebound people and communities who had previously been disengaged with the government vaccine roll-out.

Specific areas targeted included Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, West Midlands, East Sussex, Kent, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Worcestershire and West Essex.

The roll-out was in response to the growing demands for COVID-19 testing and processing services across the UK, particularly in areas where temporary clinics could not be easily set up. RMI managed 15 vans and 15 trailers which were deployed at various communities across the UK, including remote locations, regions highly populated by older people and areas with limited vaccine take-up through the government booking system.

Performing two separate functions, the vans and trailers were equipped as either mobile processing units or mobile vaccination units.

The service was in high demand during the past year and was also called upon by the UK Health Security Agency to safeguard the health of VIPs and foreign ministers in attendance at the G7 Foreign and Development Ministers’ meeting that took place in Liverpool in December 2021.

Jules Rawles, managing director, UK at RMI, said: “Through our partnership with the Acacium Group, we were able to support the mammoth efforts of our National Health Service in both delivering vaccines and processing COVID-19 tests. By operating mobile units, we were able to take crucial health services to the communities that needed them most, improving accessibility to care and utilising the unique skillsets of RMI medics to deploy this solution at scale.”

This agile model of solution deployment is set to remain an option for wider public healthcare in the years ahead.