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Seraphina Therapeutics launches Fatty15 geriatric dietary supplement

Fatty15 is the first product based on C15:0, a micronutrient recently discovered to be critical to maintaining health

Image source: PR Newswire
Image source: PR Newswire

Seraphina Therapeutics, a health company based in the US, dedicated to advancing global health through the discovery and development of essential micronutrients, has launched fatty15, the first and only dietary supplement to contain the pure fatty acid, C15:0, recently discovered to be critical to maintaining health, especially as we age. 

Years of military and academic research confirm C15:0 can guard against age-related breakdown by significantly promoting cellular resilience, enhancing mitochondrial function, and naturally activating specific receptors throughout our body that regulate immunity, metabolism, mood, sleep, and appetite.

Leading the groundbreaking studies revealing C15:0 as the first essential fatty acid to be discovered in nearly 100 years is the husband-wife duo of doctor and veterinarian, Drs Eric and Stephanie Venn-Watson. In addition to their landmark studies on C15:0 demonstrating its efficacy, numerous independent global studies have repeatedly shown higher C15:0 blood levels are linked to better health, and a large-scale study involving over 14,000 people tracked over 14 years found people who had more C15:0 in their diet had higher survival rates throughout the study period.

Seraphina Therapeutics has raised $6.2 million from top biotechnology investors as part of its Series A financing round.

Created with sustainability in mind, fatty15 sends customers a reusable, refillable glass bottle with an eco-friendly bamboo top that fits up to a 90-day supply, with refills shipped quarterly for less environmental impact.