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Hudson, WI and Struer, Denmark – (October 13, 2016) – Phillips-Medisize Corporation, along with Medicom
Innovation Partner (“Medicom”) will showcase their capabilities at next week’s PDA Universe of Pre-filled
Syringes and Injection Devices conference in Huntington Beach, CA. This conference brings together industry
and regulatory experts to share their experiences with the benefits, convenience and innovations pre-filled
syringes and injection devices.
With this year’s conference key focus being connected devices, it is a perfect opportunity to share Phillips-
Medisize and Medicom’s complete end-to-end capabilities for biopharma customers from early device strategy
and human factors engineering through full scale production and integrated supply chain management.
Hans Jensen, Medicom Senior Business Development Manger will present, ‘Hands-On Approach to Developing
an Optimized Connected Drug Delivery Device System.’ During the session, he will share the key benefits of
electronic-enabled drug delivery devices, as well as connected devices, with examples and experiences from
various projects. Since connected health is in its emergent stages, uncertainty exists regarding things such as
data privacy and regulations, to name a few. The audience will gain insight into dealing with these aspects of
bringing a connected health system to market.
“As patients continue to be the focus for new devices, their ease of use and adherence to treatment is key; with
the rising drug costs, healthcare payers seek justification that the drugs are cost effective and improve patient
outcomes,” commented Bill Welch, Chief Technology Officer. “New opportunities for these increasingly
challenging requirements are found when companies begin incorporating electronics, mobile apps, and cloud
databases to create device ecosystems.”
The 2016 PDA Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference will be held at the Hyatt
Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa on October 17-18, 2016.
Phillips-Medisize will be located in booth 603 and Medicom can be found at tabletop 9. Mr. Jensen’s
presentation will be on Monday, October 17 at 3:45 p.m. during the A2 Connectivity: Data Collecting from
Patient Behavior session.
About Phillips-Medisize Corporation
Phillips-Medisize is a leading global outsource provider of design and manufacturing services to the drug delivery and
combination products, consumable diagnostics and medical device, and specialty commercial markets. The company has
annual sales over $700 million with 80% of the total revenue coming from drug delivery, medical device, primary
pharmaceutical packaging and diagnostic products such as: disposable insulin pens, glucose meters, specialty inhalation
drug delivery devices, single use surgical devices and consumable diagnostic components.
Phillips-Medisize Corporation features a list of blue chip medical device, pharmaceutical and specialty commercial
customers. The company partners with its customers to provide design and development services which accelerate speed to
market of innovative products and then works with its customers to deploy advanced automated assembly and quality
control technologies which reduce manufacturing cost while improving quality. The company’s core advantage is the
knowledge of its people to integrate design, molding, and automation to drive low cost and high quality manufacturing
Phillips-Medisize Corporation is headquartered in Hudson, WI, and employs over 4,300 people in 17 production locations
throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico and China. The company also has a global design network with hubs in
Hudson, WI and Struer, Denmark supported by facilities in North America, Europe, and China. For more information, please
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Phillips-Medisize: Christina Johnson
Phone: +1 715.748.8928, Email:
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