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Volumetric pump assembly system and servo platform filling machine as flagship solutions presented at the trade show

Steriline[A1] , the well-established European manufacturer highly specialised in the production and worldwide supply of complete lines for the aseptic processing of injectable drugs, will attend interpack 2023 from 4th to 10th May in Dusseldorf.

At its stand, Hall 16, Booth 16B15, Steriline will welcome visitors, who will see on display a Robotic Vial Filling Machine[A2]  (RVFM5) and two systems developed internally as part of the company’s strongcommitment to forward-looking activities in Research and Development[A3] . “The pharmaceutical industry is evolving very fast,” comments Federico Fumagalli, Chief Commercial Officer at Steriline. “The pandemic increased attention on the healthcare ecosystem, which also affected the investments (both public and private) that ultimately allow companies to renew their production facilities. When this happens, those same companies have to keep a watchful eye on solutions that optimise processes and are flexible for the differentiation of their production cycles.

Anlageaufnahmen, Maschinenaufnahmen, Abfüllanlage, Robotic vial filling and capping line under Isolator RA-V4 + ST5-CCS + RVFM5 + RVCM5, bei Steriline am 05.12.2022 in Como, Italien

The RVFM5 was designed to fill vials in bulk. It is equipped with five filling and stoppering heads, and vials are moved with a robotic arm, which provides advantages such as improved flexibility in glassware management, higher safety in product handling (which protects both drug and personnel), enhanced quality of the process not affected by human errors and contamination.

Steriline’s investments in R&D activities aim to intercept market needs, optimising the packaging processes. At the booth, a robotic assembly system for volumetric pumps will show how machine downtime can be reduced when replacing volumetric pumps between two production cycles that require different doses. Volumetric pumps are set to process a determined dose and, every time this parameter changes, the pumps must be replaced. When operations are performed in a sterile or controlled environment, operator access to the pumps causes a sterility break and contaminates the environment, forcing the machine to stop. Steriline’s system allows the assembly and disassembly of pumps without sterility breaks, because components are introduced and removed throughout a rapid transfer port (RTP), preserving the characteristics of the internal environment, while a robotic arm autonomously builds up the pumps.

Steriline Robotic nest filling machine for Lab RNFM2-LAB

In addition to the robotic assembly system for volumetric pumps, Steriline will have an exclusive unveiling of a new servo platform filling machine designed specifically for the small batch filling of high-value product, ideal for the Cell & Gene Therapy market.