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Sukino Healthcare offers post-COVID-19 multidisciplinary rehabilitative treatment

The treatment is an amalgamation of physio, occupational and respiratory therapy

Sukino Healthcare, India’s first and only continuum care provider, has announced the launch of its post-COVID-19 multidisciplinary respiratory distress rehabilitative treatment for patients who have recovered yet suffer from the after effects of COVID-19.

Bengaluru based Sukino Healthcare’s round the clock team of doctors, nurses and caregivers with their unique and multidimensional patient centric approach have helped patients make remarkable progress within just a month of the rehabilitative care.

Often, COVID-19 patients need a level of medical care and rehabilitation that is difficult to achieve at home. Some of them need continuous monitoring and non-invasive clinical intervention supervised by a medical expert. Once the patient is admitted, a detailed assessment in carried out by Sukino Healthcare’s Physio, Occupational and Respiratory therapists for mapping out the therapy sessions and fine-tuning a goal oriented treatment plan depending on the condition of the patient.

Over the course of the treatment, the progress of the patient is assessed on a weekly basis with the Borg Dyspnea Scale, six minutes walk test, 12 minutes walk test, TUG scale and the Cough Sputum Score. The treatment is an amalgamation of physio, occupational and respiratory therapy.

Rajinish Menon, Founder and CEO, Sukino Healthcare said, “Optimal care is crucial for speedy recovery and early return to normal life at home after discharge from the hospital. We at Sukino act as the bridge between the hospital and the home, delivering out-of-hospital care that enables the patients to achieve optimal recovery in a best suited environment.”