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Understanding How New Data Integrity Regulations Apply to Your GDP Temperature-controlled Pharmaceuticals

The 2015 UK Data Integrity Guidance states raw data must be
“legible and accessible, retained in the format in which it was
originally generated, throughout the data lifecycle”. From a business
perspective, we know that raw data generated in the supply chain
is valuable to understanding its performance – if handled correctly.
But how? It’s more efficient to ensure raw data is connected to
the original data record, which can be done using a relational
database. If you’re manually processing flat files, it can be resourceintensive
to review numerous spreadsheets, for example, and more
subject to error when archiving and storing paper records or flat
files. Courtney Becker-James, Strategic Marketing Director at
Elpro, helps to understand how new data integrity regulations apply
to your GDP temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals.