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Velvet Energy UK Limited Voices Support for Yuhan’s Deer Velvet Product Investment

New Zealand deer velvet supplier Velvet Energy UK has given its support to a multi-million dollar investment made by one of South Korea’s largest pharmaceutical companies.
Yuhan Corporation, recently, agreed a deal worth one and a half million New Zealand dollars with  Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ)  to develop and market food products made of New Zealand deer velvet and to test out its potential health benefits.
Pauline Harkin, the director of Velvet Energy UK, who has been promoting deer velvet from NZ, in the UK for the last 19 years welcomes this news with open arms.
“I have always known the amazing qualities of deer velvet, not only for the way it has totally changed my life with my congenital hip problems, but also for the way it has benefitted my wide base of customers, but have had to rely on word and mouth due to lack of funding for research,” she explained.
“This will prove what my customers have found, that as well as other things, deer velvet relieves arthritis, increases bone density, strengthens the immune system and due to its anti-ageing growth factors keeps them young!”
Pauline is the sole importer of deer velvet into the UK after finding out about deer velvet on a Nuffield scholarship trip to New Zealand in 1998 and started up her company Velvet Energy UK in 1999.
She has been passionate about spreading the word as she has seen how much deer velvet has helped her customers with so many different health problems. Pauline has always hoped that one day funding would be available to prove what she already knows, but after almost twenty years had almost given up hope.
Velvet Energy UK only buys velvet from herds that have been approved by the New Zealand Game Board for their very high animal welfare standards. As the antlers regenerate every year the deer are not killed but would expect to reach a ripe old age as the older they get the better their antlers are.