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ViiV Healthcare continues HIV care partnership with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

ViiV Healthcare, a GlaxoSmithKline company, is continuing a partnership with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to ‘transform’ HIV patient care with digital technology.

This includes the launch of a new service – known as Klick – which employs digital technology to provide HIV patients with improved access to the most appropriate care.

The Klick services uses digital clinical tools to triage patients according to clinical need – it is also supported by a mobile app which enables patients to manage appointments, complete health assessments, review results and communicate with their healthcare team.

“All too often, innovations in healthcare fail when placed into the complex environment of a health system. ViiV Healthcare’s innovation specialists design solutions which leverage technology but are also rooted in the science of implementation,” said Dr Thomas Van Every, global medical affairs director at ViiV.

“This demonstrates our commitment to understanding the drivers and barriers to implementing innovations in real-world settings. Our partnership with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has combined experience in innovation with delivering quality care to patients within the NHS. The output is a robustly tested service for HIV patients, designed to be fit for the future of HIV care,” he added.

The design and implementation of the Klick service has been led by a team including individuals from ViiV’s innovation team as well as clinical and non-clinical staff from the Kobler Clinic.

The Kobler clinic is one of the largest centres for HIV care in Europe – the new Klick service is set to be gradually launched to patients at its outpatient clinic.