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Yusen Logistics invest in new economical fleet

Yusen Logistics UK has invested in a new vehicle fleet, to significantly reduce harmful emissions whilst further enhancing their high customer service level. Almost 100 vehicles have been upgraded, to deliver significant economic benefits and improved driver efficiencies, whilst safeguarding drivers with the latest safety assistance technology.
Less than a year after the acquisition of Transfreight, Yusen Logistics UK has undergone an extensive replacement programme, upgrading the original fleet with 45 new Renault tractor units from the efficient T range. This is alongside the addition of 50 new MAN tractor units to Yusen Logistics’ primary fleet, from the economic TGX 460 series.
Designed with the latest Euro 6 technology, these upgrades bring the new fleet in line with EU directives to reduce harmful pollutants from vehicle exhausts, by converting the majority of nitrogen oxide (NOx) into harmless nitrogen and water before reaching the exhaust. This delivers economic benefits by increasing fuel economy through improved miles per gallon and lower associated running costs, whilst also reducing C02 emissions.
Advanced vehicle telematics allow further optimisation opportunities to be identified and driver efficiencies to be continuously improved. This is alongside updated safety and driver assistance systems, including efficient cruise control, Bluetooth communications, roll control and vehicle tracking – putting drivers’ safety and wellbeing at the core.
Paul Ellis, Head of Transport for Yusen Logistics UK, commented: “We believe it is all of our responsibilities to look after the environment, and we see this as an economical investment to reduce our carbon footprint whilst improving driver safety. Furthermore, the new fleet helps ensure we continue to deliver a reliable service that our customers can consistently depend on.”
The new fleet will be in place by the end of January 2018.